Yesterday 2 – The Story

Blake loved music and he particularly loved 80s music. I spent some time finding Christian artists and bands I grew up listening to and introduced him to many of them. He loved it!

During my search, I remembered Tim Miner and started following him on Instagram. Occasionally he would post himself playing and singing an old hymn. So, about a week after Blake’s death, I went on Instagram and asked him if he would play, sing and post "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" for us. That same day he went home and granted my request. I privately thanked him and then, almost a year later, I contacted him while we were in Nashville and asked if I could meet him and personally thank him for posting that old hymn on Instagram. We ended up at his house, talking like old friends, for almost two hours.

During our visit, we learned that Tim is much more than a CCM singer from the 80s. He is a top-level producer/singer/songwriter and is known and respected all across the music world. He has worked with top artists from many eras and genres. We feel honored to have worked with him and that Tim, Stephanie, TJ, Ethan, and Colton have become our friends.

Sometime after that meeting, I was listening to his song, "Yesterday", and asked him the story behind the song. He had written it for his mom after a tragic death in their family. While I was listening to it, I kept thinking of words about Blake to the tune of that song. So, I asked him if I could write some words about Blake to the music of his song and explained that it would be for personal use only. He gave me permission and then asked if I would let him produce and record it so we could have the song forever. He agreed to play, sing and record the song for us but I told him I had another plan. I talked to my nephew, Jace Hair, my niece, Julianna Hair, and my daughter, Brooklyn. They became the trio that makes this song so special to us. Tim played all the music and added his voice to the background vocals. I played my little part with the bass and now, “Yesterday 2”, is a song for the family, by the family.

Thank you, Jace, Julianna, and Brooklyn for superb vocals. You are the stars of this show! Thanks to Tim Miner for his permission, music, and production of our song. We love you, sir! Most of all, thanks to my precious wife, Robin, for encouraging me to go ahead and make it happen. She was with me every step of the way. "Yesterday 2", is special to us and we have been wanting to make it available to you it is!!

Available for purchase and direct download now. Also available, June 6th, on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, and many more!

"Yesterday 2", is dedicated to any person or family who has lost a loved one to a tragic or untimely death. God bless you and may this song be a comfort to you.

Joe Burgess (Dad, Pops)

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