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  1. Today I am thinking of Blake, and thought I’d drop by here to write a quick note.

    Though he was a good bit younger than me, one of the things that I noticed and appreciated the most about Blake was his sincere desire to facilitate the work of the Kingdom in any area. Though many are willing to be in the spotlight, Blake was willing to work hard “behind the scenes” and do the work that others would pass up.

    Blake also struck me as being very measured. Quick to listen, slow to speak and act. Marks of maturity beyond his years.

    I remember different times playing basketball with him, and how he could be happy and content even when everyone else was losing their temper and arguing. Blake was just happy to be there! (He could also be very competitive, if the right chord was struck) He really had a way of enjoying life.

    In passing through the church in Carthage recently, I was struck by how much of Blake’s personality still lingers in his church. His drive for the Kingdom still drives others. His passion for the new building still inspires others. His dreams of facilitating growth in the church in Carthage are not dead, but live on in the minds and hearts of his church family.

    He is gone from this life, but he will certainly never be forgotten. But a moment and this vapor of life will pass away, and we will see him again.

  2. Blake’s memorial services were the most touching that I’ve attended! Blake’s successful life is a testimony to my young family, the city of Carthage and to Pentecostals everywhere. See you on the other side, cuz

  3. I am so thankful for Blake’s influence on my little boy’s life. He is still talked about and used as an example in our house often. Gavin looked up to him and we love it! He was and remains an example of how a young man should live for God! We miss him so much and feel blessed to have known him while we did. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. David Stephen Mean

    Love the song my brother; a true talent you have. Wish that it didn’t come at a cost. Sorry for waiting so long to respond. Love you and wish you were nearer to me so we could spend quality time together as we have done in the past. May GOD continue to guide, bless and comfort you and your family until the Master decides to take us home; Love you my brother.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to a Godly young man. I never had a chance to meet Blake personally but have heard from those who knew him that he was a prince.

    The lyrics of the song are absolutely beautiful and the recording is excellent. Great musicians and vocalists.

    May God bless the Burgess family!

  6. Some people have the ability to continue touching lives after they’ve passed… Blake is one of those people. I met Blake at one of the earlier Esther Conferences. He was very quiet but very respectful. After recently visiting his home church in Carthage, MS & spending time with the Burgess Family, I can say my life has been impacted even more so! What a witness Blake was! Loved & respected by his own church family, the local community & a host of family & friends nationwide! Thank you for the incredible song, Burgess Family!!! This is an awesome tribute to an awesome son!!!!! Much Love to you all!

  7. Loved working on this project. Loved hearing the “Blake” history and what an incredible young man you became.
    The original version of this song was a letter I wrote to my mom about my dad’s passing. I love what your dad re-wrote to honor you.
    I have one request Blake, please kiss my mom for me…

  8. Dathan & Kristie Tipton

    What a great tribute to a great young man. Blake was quiet yet confident, relaxed yet poised, and cool but not cocky. Each picture speaks a thousand words, and the song speaks the heart of all who knew him. Well done.

  9. i never had a chance to meet Blake but love and respect his parents so much. I pray that this Mother’s day won’t be too terribly painful for you. love to all, this is a precious tribute to him.

  10. I didn’t get the chance to know Blake, like my kids did. They thought he was just the funniest. They said he was always playing music and singing. Even at his young age, he impacted their lives. It took a while before they were ready to come back, knowing he wouldn’t be there. Thank you to your family for sharing Blake with my children and thank you for all your family does for my family.

  11. Beautiful song! I met Blake at Esther Conference in 201& and I remember telling Brooklyn “I had no idea your brother was so good looking.” Since I was way older I didn’t mind telling Blake to his face and I remember him being super sweet about it, but also looking at me like “what a creep” 😂. I had seen him a couple times since meeting at a few different places and it was a running joke between us. The last time I had seen him was at a friends wedding and I was able to sit down with him and Ashlyn and visit a little bit. I could tell I wasn’t super wanted since they were smitten with one another. I remember when my friends and I left the wedding we all said how impressed we were with Blake and how kind spirited he was. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet Blake and my life has been better for it. I love you guys so much!

  12. I feel so blessed to be a part of such an awesome family! A family that still makes tremendous effort and sacrifice to get together as much as possible. For as long as I can remember our family has made the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving holidays very special. We were able to spend these special times with Blake since the day he was born. Although I have many memories with Blake, one seems to stand out more lately.
    It was either 2018 or 2019 at Youth Weekend.
    A group of young men had put together an All-Star basketball team and they thought that they couldn’t be beat. This fired Blake up and he gathered his Carthage team together. During the game Blake got in a ZONE and everything he shot went in. In the closing seconds Blake made a 3 pointer and would have won the game but the All Star team “supposedly” called a timeout and wouldn’t count the shot. Blake almost single handedly beat the All Stars by himself. Blake was a winner and did not like to lose. I could see the fire in him that he inherited from his Dad and Uncles!
    I salute him for being a first class Apostolic young man who bought the whole field. A true example for young men to follow. Love and miss him dearly! Love the Burgess family!

  13. Wow! Incredible song! And if the beautifully written words weren’t enough, it’s my favorite style of music also. ❤️

    Heaven is sounding sweeter everyday! I can’t wait until that great reunion day!

  14. Jennifer Crosby

    My deepest sympathies for Pastor and Sis.Burgess. I didn’t know Blake very well, but there is one memory that stands out. We were at a Anniversary service, and Blake was about 4 or 5 yrs. of age. He was at a dessert table that had cupcakes. And Blake was eating the icing off the cupcakes and putting them back on the table. My husband I thought it was funny, but Bro.Burgess didn’t find it amusing! Lol!
    Such a sweet song my heart truly aches for this family. One day Gods coming back for His people and we can all be together rejoicing with one another (Tomorrow) !

  15. Perry Schilling

    This is an awesome Tribute to such a great young man but to Uncle Perry he was my “booger” miss ya buddy love ya

  16. Shayna Chamberlain

    Beautiful Song and website dedicated to an amazing Young Man! Blake is sure missed, and I cherish every memory I have growing up with and around him!!
    He will be forever missed.

  17. Sis. Jenny Jackson

    BEAUTIFUL song for a WONDERFUL young man. Blake was a standout young man. He was steadfast in who he was and the God he served. My son told me Blake, always took the time to talk to everyone. He would ask their name, talk to them and listen to them. I’m grateful Blake was a friend to my kids and had an impact on them. As parents we pray for good, Godly examples in our child’s life and Blake was that for my children.

  18. Blake Burgess was a respectful, polite and God-fearing young man. My heart broke all over again for Pastor and Sister Burgess and family as I read the lyrics and listened to this song. Weeping does endure for the night, but rest assured that joy DOES come in the morning.
    I sat and listened to the Saints of Carthage tell “Blake stories” at the church memorial service and everyone spoke well of him. What a testimony!
    Brother Burgess, you did a good job putting lyrics to this music. Brooklyn , Jace, and Julianna, you did a great job singing it.
    Well done.

  19. Thank you for inviting me to visit this special website! I love the song.

    I’m trying to think of a memory of him that would bring a smile to your face. Honestly … I have watched the “home” video I took of your family during the family photo session over and over after he passed. My view was love. Lots of love in this family and he knew he was loved.

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture just a glimpse of that love. I apologize that I struggle to put down the words that I have in my heart.

    Prayers for all of you.

  20. Melburn &Ramona Bradley

    I suppose it was maybe the spring of 2017. We were in Carthage doing some work on our property and had gone to the Mexican restaurant there to eat. Well Blake and a friend stopped by our table to speak with us. The friend was talking avidly with us. But Blake was in a trance it seemed. It was like he was in another time zone. He never spoke or smiled. Just stared. So I asked Bethany; what was he doing? Oh Granna! That’s just Blake being in his own world. He does that now and then. So maybe he was already seeing something the rest of us couldn’t see.

  21. Tamara Garrett

    Blake was one of those people who made you feel at home no matter where you were. One of the most real and down to earth person you could ever hope to meet. He could always make you laugh with his honesty, he didn’t even know why he was so funny.

    I remember thinking when he and Ashlyn started dating, “We’re both going to be like the new generation of our parents! Preacher buddies!” He never told me he was called to the ministry, it was just something you knew.

    I’ll never forget the youth camps and conferences. Oh! And the golf cart rides and watermelon feasts while getting ate up by mosquitos. Wouldn’t trade those days for anything!

    We miss you Blake, you’ve made Heaven seem so much sweeter!

  22. Stephanie Cohen

    I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Blake. Somehow through God I feel like I know him & I’m honored that because of Blake I can call Robin & Joe my friends. I’ve listened to this song on repeat! I listen to it as I’m driving & though it’s made my eyes water, it’s also made me smile with its beauty.

  23. Ashleigh Boudreaux

    Sweet Blake!! This young man touched more lives in his short life than anyone I know! I still find it hard to choke back tears each time I see his sweet face and beautiful blue eyes. If my 2 boys love the lord and have the heart Blake did I will be one blessed mom. 💙💙💙💙 Forever in our hearts.

  24. Glenda Groce Daniels

    I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Blake as a young man. When I met him he was about 6 months old, and his parents and Brooklyn came to preach for my parents, in Molino, Fl. What a wonderful baby he was… happy and content and full of smiles. He captured our hearts immediately. I remember Robin holding him on her lap while he laughed and squealed at his big sister. His mom said that he thought Brooklyn was the funniest person he knew.
    I held him as much as they would let me. He was so snuggly and would lay his little head down on my shoulder and just relax there. (I have a picture of us in that very pose.) I was in baby heaven. He was just the sweetest little boy.
    We were all so excited when he sat up for the first time on our living room floor. He was wearing a little white onesie and he was startled when we all cheered for him, but then he gave us a big gummy grin.
    These memories have always been precious to me. He didn’t even remember that week, but our family always has. To us, he was always that darling baby.

    1. Candace Hollis Prather

      Candace Hollis Prather
      Beautiful song❤️❤️❤️
      I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my son Timothy Hollis Jenkins to cancer after being diagnosed with it for only 5 weeks. He was my heart and soul. I became a member of a club I never wanted to join. My brother, Larry Hollis sold you the perfect place to displace the “L O V E” monument honoring your son. My love and prayers forever.

  25. I had the fortune to be one of Blake’s professors.

    He was a good young man who is much loved by the faculty, staff, and students at MSU’s Political Science department.

    He was raised by good people and reflected their food character and values.

    Carthage can be proud of their native son!

  26. Robert Towson

    I met Blake through my children, Blake and Alexis Towson. I remember his grandfather preaching for us when I was a young saint in the early 80’s. Blake and I spoke of his grandfather whenever he visited our church in Pensacola and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with such a polite and thoughtful young , who struck me as someone with so much promise in the work of God. His sudden departure was harder on me than I ever would’ve imagined and along with his family and friends, yearn for that great resurrection morning when we all get together once more.

  27. The summer before Blake passed away, I was visiting. I remember Brother Burgess preaching and he was dealing with something and he did it with so much kindness and love. It was a beautiful message. Afterwards we were eating Mexican food and when Blake walked by my table, I just reached out and stopped him. I said, “Blake, you have a great daddy and pastor. Don’t ever take it for granted.” He said “Oh, I don’t! I know I have the best!” He sure loved his family. He was one of the kindest young men I have ever met. So respectful and caring. Can’t wait to see him again!

  28. Landon Alexander

    If anyone deserves to have a tribute this wonderful, it’s Blake Burgess, he was the greatest friend a person could have and I’m honored to say he was my best friend. We spent countless hours making memories and I cherish every last one of them. He was a prince among men, and so many people looked up to him. If you knew Blake you loved him, if you only came to know him through his death, you can’t help but appreciate and respect the impact that he had on this world and everyone around him. I can’t wait for that day when lord calls us all home, and we are reunited once again.

  29. although I never had the privilege to meet Blake, I can see his fingerprints. He was an amazing young man that loved God and his family.
    When somebody who is very predictable, does the unpredictable. It leaves a lot of unanswered questions. But there is no doubt about jumping the line, he was a winner.

  30. I’m thankful that I got to know Blake. We was always friends but About 2-3 years of his final years on this earth we became really close friends. From working in the new sanctuary to going to youth trips and many things. Blake became dear to me and always will be a part in my life. The Memories we shared will always stick with me for the rest of my days. Beautiful tribute to a Godly Young Man.
    It’s only goodbye for right now but will soon be a reunion on the other shore.

  31. A beautiful song and website! I can look back now and consider it even more of a privilege with having Blake in our wedding. The one word that comes to mind whenever I think of Blake is “humble”. We love the Burgess family and FAC of Carthage!

  32. I haven’t been around Blake since he was a young boy but I’ve always heard good, respectful things about him as a teen and young adult. I’m sure he and Ethan have met in Heaven. The song is so beautiful. I can’t help but cry.

    1. codi richards

      i can’t wait to download it on apple music! such an amazing way to remember an amazing person! you got the best singers on earth to sing it❤️❤️❤️

  33. Rev. C. M. Bone and family

    We love the Burgess family. We love this website and are excited about listening to “Yesterday 2”. Our prayers continue to go up for the Burgess family. May God continue to extend comfort to you all. God bless.

  34. Thank you so much for making this wonderful website available. It is a fitting tribute to a great young man.
    The song is absolutely beautiful! We love you all very much.

  35. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul! A great reminder that a short life, lived for God, is infinitely better than the longest life without Him. The smile on Blake’s face says it all. Clean cut, modest, holy unto God. Pure and undefiled by this world. I’m proud of him and I am proud to have known him. He did it right and I’m looking forward to a very happy reunion!

  36. Oh what memories. Blake was always the quiet little boy that you couldn’t help but love. But, somewhere in the not so distant past he became the young man that I enjoyed talking to and listening to about his future. We never dreamed that he would “jump the line” and bypass the hard aches that this life sometimes throws our way. When this life is over one of the things that we take with us is memories; Blake left us with lots of great memories.

  37. I loved to tell Blake things that I had seen or heard that made me laugh. I knew he would laugh too. We had the same silly sense of humor. Because of that, despite a large age gap, it became easy for us to become friends.
    He showed himself to be a friend to me when I needed to hear something encouraging. I loved Blake and miss him.

  38. Love the song!! Thank you so much for sharing this song with us!! Love the pictures! Miss Blake so much!

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