Yesterday 2 – Lyrics

When I think of you
Think of how you came into our lives
Not so long ago...yesterday
Blue-eyed baby boy
All we ever dreamed you’d be and more
Life was oh so good...yesterday

We will always love you
And think of all the words we wish to say
Cherishing the memories... yesterday

You made us so proud
Making all your plans around God’s plan
And answered when He called...yesterday
Now we think of you
Think of how you left this life too soon
And left us holding yesterday

We will always love you
And how you chose to live your life God’s way
Answered when He called you...yesterday

Holding on to yesterday
Wondering what might have been
To make it through another day
Wishing it could be again
(With God’s help we can make it)
Holding on to family...yesterday

Searching for a brighter day
Knowing that it can’t be long
We will see you face to face
But for now we say so long
(So long sweet boy)
Holding on to yesterday