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Joseph Blakeney Burgess

11/24/1997 - 02/20/2020

Welcome to a website dedicated to the memory of Blake Burgess. All who knew Blake loved him. If you didn’t know him, we hope you will be acquainted with him before you leave this website. Blake was born November 24, 1997 and left this life February 20, 2020 in a tragic car accident. Friends and family came from far and near to bid farewell to Blake and to give heartfelt support to his family. He was soft (and slow) spoken but he made friends and acquaintances all across the country and they showed up to say “so long.” His local community and fellow citizens of Carthage came to give him the same love he had given them for his short, 22 years of life. His family and church family have been eternally impacted by his life and his death left a void that no other man will ever fill. He loved us, we loved him. It is our blessed hope to see him again some beautiful happy day!

Yesterday 2

Before you leave, we invite you to purchase/download the song, "Yesterday 2", written by Rev. Joe Burgess and Tim Miner. There is an interesting story behind the song and you can read it here.

Also available, June 6th, on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, and many more!
Click here for the lyrics.

We would like for you to take a minute and leave a comment about Blake or the song. Tell us your favorite story about Blake. It would even be in order to tell a joke or funny story about him. Blake would love it and we will too! Come back again soon to read or share more comments in memory of Blake. God bless you and thanks for visiting!